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 Joint Conference

in Budapest, 24-28 April 2023


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Extended Deadline for Abstracts!


Euroturbo and EVI-GTI have decided to hold The European Turbomachinery Conference (ETC), which is successfully taking place since 1995, as a joint bi-annual event. The 2023 ETC conference will be organised by Euroturbo with the collaboration of EVI-GTI, who will manage and run an additional three days parallel session focused on testing, measurement techniques and experimental validation. Besides the presentation of the papers selected for the conference, this new session will host other presentations and activities, similarly to previous EVI-GTI conferences.

Presentations for the EVI-GTI session are now open for submission.

The call is directed to engine OEMs, industry, academia and vendors. Authors of best presentations have a chance to publish a paper in a Special Edition of the IJTPP.

Scope of topics for the EVI-GTI session:

Development of sensors and measuring methods for gas turbines, measurements in gas turbines, advanced sensors and routing, sensors and AM, embedded sensors, novel emission measurements, impacts from H2 and bio-fuels, test rigs, test engines and test facilities for gas turbines, wireless and less wires, energy harvesting, standards for sensors and measurements,…

Questions? - Ask us! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Timeline for EVI-GTI presentation abstracts (corrected dates!):


 Start of 'Call for Presentations':  01 December 2022
 Extended Deadline for submission of EVI-GTI presentation abstracts:  20 February 2023
 Deadline for submission of final EVI-GTI presentations:   31 March 2023


Submission of EVI-GTI presentation abstracts:

In order to upload a document, follow this link to the EVI-GTI File Area:

or follow, select the ‘File Area’ in the Main Menu and then select ‘User Upload’.

Note: You need to log in with your EVI-GTI account before you can use the File Area.

Select the file that you want to upload, enter a title and press ‘Start Upload’.


Full paper submission only:

In case you do not want to submit a presentation only, but want to prepare a full paper (on turbomachinery matter or just sensors & measurement) you have to submit this one directly to the ETC abstract submission system: .

If you want to submit a paper (that is covered by the EVI-GTI scope), you have to obey the Euroturbo timeline. The Euroturbo Call for Paper Abstracts has been published and will end on 22 June, 2022.

Best papers will get a chance to be published in the IJTPP.

If your paper has been accepted during the review, it will be presented in the EVI-GTI session. 

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The PIWG 2023 International Technical Conference at OAI in Cleveland on September 12-13

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Our associated group PIWG will hold their 2023 International Technical Conference at OAI in Cleveland on September 12-13. Register here!  
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The Ohio Aerospace Institute serves as the facilitator to PIWG.

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