Terms & Conditions for Membership

Becoming a Registered User of the EVI-GT website or a Member of EVI-GTI Association:

- The EVI-GTI is a community for professionals in gas turbine instrumentation or related business. Therefore we only accept user and members whose identify and affiliation are clear.    

- You can only register to the EVI-GTI website by exposing your real identity, that is by using your real, full name (first and surname) and the e-mail address that you use for your business.

- With registering to the EVI-GTI website you will become a member of EVI-GTI. As a member you will accept and obey the current constitution of EVI-GTI.

- Being a Registred User of the EVI-GTI website or being a Member of the EVI-GTI association is free-of-cost and does not imply any obligations or fees. Only Registered Users have access to special contents such as the Lab Gap Matrix and to the Conference Proceedings.

- The Board of EVI-GTI can - in accordance with the statutes in the EVI-GTI constitution - decline a new request for membership or registration or terminate existing memberships or registrations withour prior notice.


- You can cancel your registration as a Member at any time by sending an e-mail with the cancellation request to the administrator or the Board. You will then be a Registered User only.

- You can cancel your registration as a User at any time by sending an e-mail with the cancellation request to the administrator or the Board. By doing this you will also cancel your membership! Your user data will be deleted from the user database of the website and you may not receive further notifaction from EVI-GTI on any activities. 


-The website administrators, the EVI-GTI Board and the authors of articles cannot be held responsibile for content that contains wrong information.


The Board is entitled to change the Terms & Conditions for the website, the access rights and contents for Users, Authors and Members at any time without prior notice.