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Membership in the EVI-GTI Association and the community is open to any organisation and professionals with a technical involvement with Gas Turbine Instrumentation, typically, gas turbine manufacturers, gas turbine instrumentation suppliers, research organisations, universities and other organizations or self-employed consultants, also organisations or commitees such as for standardizing.


Membership will confer the benefits of being able to influence the workings of EVI-GTI:

  • electing the Board; being consulted on the content and arrangements for conferences and workshops
  • being consulted on the formulation of standards and specifications and the formulation of applicable research consortia
  • using the community forum for contacting other members, to join forum groups and submit your ideas
  • visiting and editing our Wiki pages at, propose new Wiki pages, join or create Work Groups etc.
  • downloading proceedings, have accessto to the Lap Gap Matrix and more.


Prospective Members must sign in to the EVI-GTI website. The request for an account can also be expressed in writing to the Board. The Board of Directors will then accept or refuse the application and the prospective Member will be notified of the decision.

By signing up to the website you will become a Member of the EVI-GTI Community free of charge and without any obligations, but with access to the full contents. As an exception, you may also become a Forum User only, without becoming a full Member. This may apply to independent, third parties like governments, EU officers, national research institues and others. In this case, please notify the Board and we will register you as User only. Being a User and not a full Member, you may not be able to benefit from all tools and information shared on the website.