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We are proud to announce that the International Journal of Turbomachinery Propulsion and Power will publish a special issue on "Advanced Gas Turbine Instrumentation"  with selected papers from the 9th EVI-GTI International Gas Turbine Instrumentation Conference, to be held in Graz, on the 20-21 of November 2019.

 The IJTPP is the journal of the European turbomachinery society (EUROTURBO) and is published online quarterly.  IJTPPTitelPage

The IJTPP is an open access technical journal created in 2016, fully owned by the Euroturbo Society and published online by the Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI).

The journal is dedicated to science and technology developments of turbomachinery, and it aims at providing a high quality, peer-reviewed outlet whose contents primarily concern the design, the analysis, the modeling and the testing of turbomachinery and turbomachinery based propulsion and power systems. Technological leaps at both system and component level, the application and use of new flow concepts and, advanced experimental and numerical techniques naturally fit within the scope of the journal.

The IJTPP has a distinguished Editorial Board with extensive academic backgrounds and broad international cover, ensuring that the journal achieves and maintains the highest scientific standards.

All articles accepted for publication will be electronically distributed under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution License allowing for free use, although commercial re-use, as well as, remixing, transforming or building upon the published material by a third party, are not permissible.


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