• The feedback from audience and speakers was very positive. 
  • The two keynotes were regarded between good and excellent in the questionnaires. 
  • All presentations, authors' CV and the List of Attendees are available for download for Registered Users (Members). 
  • A special highlight were the 'elevator pitches' where everyone could stand up for 4 minutes and present himself, his company or a product.  
  • Photos of the event have also been uploaded. 
  • Join our new Forum, ask, discuss and find bilateral partners or groups. 


Audience EVI GTI Graz 2019


A few decisions and recommendations have been made by the Membership in the session "The way forward for EVI-GTI":


- White spots in the EVI-GTI membership landscape shall be identified: Which countries, OEMs, companies, universities and research institutes are missing in our membership or community?

- Old and new Members of EVI-GTI need to register to the EVI-GTI website.


- The Board of EVI-GTI has been re-elected alltogether for 2 years

Publication / Dissemination

- As the written consent of the attendees is now available, we have shared the list of attendees for our members. 

- Presentations and Keynote #1 are also availbale for download. 

- Elevator pitches shall be available for download soon (awaiting authors' consent and upload of final versions).


- Ongoing topics like the Lab Gap Matrix, Workshops and Workgroups like for standardization shall be published and discussed in dedicated EVI-GTI Wiki pages.