EVI-GTI Newsletter November 2021

EVI-GTI Newsletter November 2021


newsletter  NOVEMBER 2021

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Dear EVI-GTI members and followers,


in our last Newsletter in June we have told you that we were carefully planning for a Virtual EVI-GTI Conference in November 2021.


In early October we have made a poll with some of our key contributing members and we found that for most of the potential presenters it was already very late, or too late even, to come up with a reasonable presentation in November.


Given that and with the currently deteriorating pandemic situation in mind we will again move our next Conference to springtime 2022. 


Keep your fingers crossed that by next springtime the situation will have significantly improved and we may plan for a physical Conference.


The new planning starts now.

Do you want to help us planning? Welcome!

See further below for more details.



Read more and stay healthy! 


With best regards

The Managing Board of EVI-GTI



Do you have news to share that are interesting for the whole community?

We are happy to share your news. Contact us


EVI-GTI 2022 conference - your ideas requested


The planning for our 2022 Conference has started... 


... and the Board has been discussing the options. As EVI-GTI is an association of volunteers, we need your assistance for the bullets as follow.


All editorial work like setting up the workshop program and most of the organizational work will be done by the Board or by volunteering members or followers.


Any help is welcome! Do you want to help us organizing sessions or workshops? - There is always a lot of things to organize: The registration process, contacting the delegates, writing documents and schedules, status updates for the website, reviewing the abstracs and many, many more tasks to do. - Do not hesitate to contact us!


Do you want to give a technical presentation? - As time gets short very quickly we need to identify interested speakers soon. Please let us now if you are planning for a presentation or if you have just an idea and need advice or assistance. 


Do you want to submit a full paper or an extended abstract? - Like in 2019 in Graz, papers from the EVI-GTI may be submitted for review to a Special Issue of the International Journal of Turbomachinery Propulsion and Power (IJTTP). Contact us for more information.


Do yo want to present yourself within 3 minutes? - The 'elavator pitches' were a big success in Graz. We want to schedule elavator pitches again for the next Conference.


Do you want to advertise your products around the Conference? - Please contact us for details. 


More to come soon.