EVI-GTI Newsletter no. 4 / October 2020

EVI-GTI Newsletter no. 4 / October 2020


EVI-GTI Newsletter no. 4 / October 2020

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Dear EVI-GTI members and followers,

standards are important, and as many of you know EVI-GTI has been working on developing standards.

There is a new survey out now from M.S. candidate Mathias Krampl on a

common standard for dynamic pressure measurements in gas turbines 

for manufacturers and users of pressure transducers.

We would like you to complete the form. It will only take you a little time and will help Mathias and our community.


Read more below and stay healthy! 


With best regards

The Board of EVI-GTI



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Your participation is kindly requested for creating a common standard for dynamic pressure measurements in gas turbines. This standard will improve: 

- Comparability 

- Transparency 

- Reduce complexity 

- Simplify applications 


The following two surveys deal with the aspects for manufacturers and users of pressure transducers and present a chance to actively impact the development of such a standard. The results will be presented upfront an 


Online Workshop on November 19th 2020 


which is targeting a roadmap to finish the standard in workgroups. 


We kindly ask you to complete the applicable survey below and participate to the workshop.

Please do also forward the survey to other stakeholders that are not necessarily a part of the EVI-GTI community. 


Survey for manufacturers and developers of dynamic pressure transducers:  


Survey for users of dynamic pressure transducers and instrumentation experts: 


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