EVI-GTI Newsletter February 2021

EVI-GTI Newsletter February 2021


newsletter  February 2021

News and Events

Dear EVI-GTI members and followers,


we hope that you are safe and healthy.


The Board is carefully seeking opportunities to have an EVI-GTI Conference in fall 2021, may it be physical or virtual. We will keep you posted.


We have already held a virtual workshop on Standards for Dynamic pressure Measurements and the follow-up meeting has ben invited for.


In April, we want to hold a workshop on the Instrumentation Demands for Alternative Fuels such as Hydrogen and Bio-fuels.


Read more below and stay healthy! 


With best regards

The Board of EVI-GTI



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Upcoming Workshop: instrumentation demAnds for hydrogen and bio-fuels


On-Line in April - Date TBC


EVI-GTI is pleased to announce that we will be holding a workshop on this critical topical subject for the Gas Turbine Instrumentation Community


It is now certain that the next decade will see significant changes in the fuel mix for gas turbines in aerospace, marine and power-generation. However, the instrumentation that will be key to delivering thais capability reliably and efficiently, is not yet clear. There is an urgent ned to identify potential requirements and opportunities and ensure that the instrumentation supply base is aligned to respond as needed.

Whether you are designing control and monitoring systems for Gas-Turbines; designing Instrumentation for this market; or a researcher working in this area. This is the event for you.


We will announce the date very shortly but, if this topic is important to you, please consider getting involved.

We are very pleased to announce that Oxensis Ltd have agreed to sponsor and host the event. We are currently forming an organising Committee. If you would like to contribute to the committee, or if you would like to present a paper or take part in a panel discussion please let us know.





Best regards,